In the midst of an intensive search and arrest operation for the escapees from the Pademba Road Prison following the breakout on Sunday, November 26, 2023, a surprising turn of events unfolded as another inmate, identified as Biggie Ten, voluntarily handed himself over to the police.

Biggie Ten, who made the decision to surrender, emphasized his belief in the laws of the land. He asserted that his escape was not of his own volition, attributing it to the chaos ensuing from the prison break. Citing concerns about the firing and general insecurity, he disclosed that he sought refuge in a safer location. Now, with the situation appearing to be more stable, he has chosen to return to police custody.

In a video, Biggie Ten stated, “My name is Biggie Ten, and I have decided to hand myself over because I believe in the law. It wasn’t my intention to escape, and I didn’t orchestrate my own release from prison. Individuals who forcibly removed inmates during the breakout are responsible. Faced with continuous firing and the unsafe conditions at the prison, I chose to seek a secure haven. Now that conditions seem to have improved, I am on my way to surrender myself to the authorities.”