A family feud between a son and other family members is currently being investigated at the Pademba Road Magistrate Court. Donald Hollist, believed to be in his fifties, took his mother Dorothy Ngorgoh and two other family members to court.

The trio are in court on a four count charge including Treaspass, Threatening Language and Malicious Damage contrary to Section 51 of the Malicious Damage Act of 1861.

According to the police, the mother and the two other family members trespassed the premise of the complainant Hollist on May 13 this year. On the same day, the police said Hollist tried to stop them from entering his premises but that they refused and even assaulted him. They added that the three accused persons also made threatening statements against the complainant and damaged properties worth over NLe 12,000.

During the Preliminary Investigation of the matter, the court took record of a claim made by the complainant. The complainant claimed that the property located on Magnus Street, Wellington was built by his father and that he is the current administrator of it.

But Magistrate Sahr Kekura later found out that Hollist is not residing at that the said property but a resident located at New York in the Western Rural District.

Hollist also doubted as whether his late father did married his mother he said was in her eighties.

Magistrate Kekura adjourned the matter to August 17 this year with the prosecutor expected to lead another witness.