An alarming viral video has surfaced featuring local residents in Waterloo, Freetown, successfully apprehending a fraudulent herbalist who had been preying on unsuspecting community members.

The identity of the suspect remains undisclosed, but he had allegedly been running a fraudulent herbal medicine business, peddling remedies for various ailments. However, suspicions were raised when numerous locals reported ineffective treatments and financial losses after seeking his services.

Concerned citizens organized a sting operation that resulted in the suspect’s capture on Calmount Road in Waterloo. During the operation, citizens uncovered a cache of counterfeit herbal remedies, questionable ingredients, and suspicious documents. An attempt was made to assess the suspect’s authenticity by requesting him to recite a Quran verse, but unfortunately, he failed to do so.

This incident, as reported by Sieraloaded, serves as a stark reminder for the public to exercise caution when considering alternative medical treatments and to thoroughly verify the credentials of individuals claiming to be herbalists or traditional healers.

Furthermore, it underscores the imperative for law enforcement agencies to remain vigilant in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community, cracking down on illegal and deceptive practices.

Watch the video below: