A Gracious Sierra Leonean man identified as Gbanabome Sheezy, together with well meaning facebook friends have for the third time support less privileged kids with feeding.

On January 1st 2022 Gbanabome Sheezy distributed food and drinks to Mothers and guardians of sick kids at the Connaught hospital and children in the outskirts of Western area rural.

Gbanabome Sheezy was able to achieve such a task by rallying around friends on Facebook to donate whatever little they have in other to make such a day a memorable one in the hearts of the beneficiaries. According to Gbanabome Sheezy, such a gesture tells the beneficiaries that even though the donors are not with them but they’re always on their minds.

On Christmas Day of 2019, Gbanabome Sheezy with the help of friends on Facebook provides food and drinks for orphan kids at the WMA school compound in Wellington. He and his friends were able to provide warm meals for 150 kids.

On Eid day of 2020, Gbanabome Sheezy and friends again provided food and drinks for the physically challenged, kids at the school for the blind and Nurses patients at Rokupa government hospital in the eastern part of Freetown. Gbanabome Sheezy believes this is one way of giving back to the community.

A kind gesture that brings joy and laughter to the faces of the future generations of Sierra Leone, is something to be acknowledged and appreciated. Keep up the good job Mr. Sheezy.