Three years after his ancestors called him home to rest, Paramount Chief Alhaji Bai Suntuba Osara III is still mourned and remembered by the people in the four amalgamated chiefdoms of Gbonkolenken.

“It’s not easy to forget the good work of the late Paramount Chief. Like any human being, the late PC had his mistakes but I tried his best. May God forgive him,” a social media user commented in one of the WhatsApp groups.

The late Paramount Chief was described by many of his subjects as a man of peace who united his people under one umbrella.

He was a symbol of peace and unity whose 27 years of rule brought monuments to the people of the four chiefdoms.

On September 17, 2020, PC Osara III returned to “Rofutha” marking the end of his twenty-seven-year rule.

Rofutha, according to the “Ragbele” secret society is the final resting place or home of all Chiefs that went through the society.

Traditionally, they believed that their members don’t die but return to Rofutha, their final home where they will not only be received but stay forever with their ancestors or forefathers.

Though three years have passed, it seems the memories are still fresh in the minds of the people of the four amalgamated chiefdoms.

Born on the 10th March 1940 in Mathamp village, the late Paramount Chief was the last to rule Gbonkolenken’s four amalgamated chiefdoms of Yele, Poli, Masako, and Mayepoh.

Though he’s originally from Poli chiefdom, PC Sunthuba Osara III united the four chiefdoms and made everyone feel belonged.

Elected Paramount Chief of the then Gbonkolenken chiefdom on the 29th, March 1993 under the Sunthuba Osara ruling house from Poli Chiefdom, the Chief was said to have spare headed the construction of Peripheral Health Centers in the chiefdom’s nine sections, the Yele police station, a market, among others.

One of his sons, Suntuba Junior, has this to say when asked about the achievements of his late father;

He spare-headed the construction of PHCs in the 9 sections, Police Station, Market, Hydro, Lion Heart Medical Center, Oil palm Factory, and many culverts, etc.

PC Bai Suntuba, who was also a former Paramount Chief Member of Parliament for Tonkolili District from 2002 – 2007, could also be remembered for abolishing the payment of fines and communal contributions during his reign.

The development colossus many said also supported a plethora of young people to develop their careers.

September 17th of every year is a day of commemoration, remembrance, and reflection on the good deeds of the former traditional leader.

On various social media platforms, people from the four chiefdoms in different parts of the world join the family to mourn and commemorate the death anniversary of the late Paramount chief.

Suntuba Junior says the family will forever miss the late Paramount Chief.