On June 16th, 2024, Hawa Tombo, winner of the maiden edition of the House of Stars TV show, was officially welcomed as a citizen of the Tombo community.

The event attracted several notable figures, including Amara Momoh Kargbo, Member of Parliament for the Western Area Rural District, and influential community stakeholders such as Chief Michael Benga.

The citizenship initiative was spearheaded by Hawa herself, who expressed profound gratitude to the Tombo community for their crucial role in her rise to fame. Despite facing ongoing challenges in her relationship with her husband, Musa, Hawa acknowledged the unwavering support from the community, which she credited for her success.

During the ceremony, Hawa highlighted the significant impact the name “Tombo” has had on her life, bringing her immense fortune and recognition. She reaffirmed her commitment to the community, pledging to actively participate in any initiatives aimed at its development. “Tombo has been a source of great fortune for me,” Hawa stated. “I am always ready to contribute to any community initiative.

Honourable Amara Momoh Kargbo also spoke at the event, expressing his delight in welcoming Hawa as an official member of the community. He praised the supportive and united nature of Tombo’s residents, noting that Hawa’s story is a testament to the community’s strength and solidarity.

To celebrate her new status, Hawa performed a generous act of feeding over 500 children in the community. This gesture was met with widespread appreciation, further solidifying her bond with the people of Tombo and underscoring her dedication to giving back. The community’s warm reception of Hawa’s efforts demonstrated their admiration for her achievements and their eagerness to support her ongoing endeavors.