A 42-year-old herbalist in the Northern town of Mile 91 has been arrested and detained by the Sierra Leone Police after videos of women he slept with in the town were seen on his phone and eventually went viral on social media.

The herbalist, Issa Fullah was arrested on February 6th, 2024 by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Mile 91 Police Station after multiple videos of the women he slept with were seen virally on social media.

The issue is currently the talk of the town and it has risked several marriages, and some of the women are reportedly on the run. “My sister is supposed to be wedded this Friday but a video of her and the herbalist went viral and the husband has called off the event,” a sister of one of the victims said.

Fullah, the herbalist was arrested together with one Mahmoud Ishmail and they are currently under investigation.

According to multiple sources, the herbalist is famously known in the town for having extraordinary powers and people from different parts of the town, neighboring villages, and chiefdoms to go to his shrine for either healing or other traditional cleansing.

The herbalist, sources said, is mostly visited by women who want to solve their marital problems. It was most of these women who visited his shrine, the herbalist lured to have intimacy with him promising that he will solve their problems. In the videos, the herbalist is seen having intimacy with the women and videoing them with his phone purportedly without consent.

Mahmoud Ismail who is currently detained together with the herbalist shared the videos viral when the herbalist gave him the phone.

The herbalist secretly recorded videos of women, capturing intimate parts such as their vaginas and waists. Further revelations suggest that additional videos featuring prominent women in the town have yet to be disclosed.

According to sources, Ishmail requested the herbalist’s phone to receive a photo of Prophet Muhammad. With great eagerness to view the purported image, the herbalist handed over his phone to Ishmail. Subsequently, Ishmail transferred the videos to his own device and later shared them widely on social media platforms.

Local Unit Commander of the Mile 91 Police Chief Superintendent of Police Michael JK Laggah confirmed that the herbalist and his co-suspect are in their custody. CSP Laggah said that they are investigating the matter. The LUC said they have multiple videos of the herbalist having sexual intercourse with various women. Those videos, he said are part of the evidence.

“The investigators are gathering more information and evidence about the matter. Photographs of the room where he has been sleeping with the women have been taken,” the LUC stated.