On Monday 15 May 2022, the May High Court Criminal session commenced in Sierra Leone, as the Judiciary opened its doors to a total of ninety-two (92) cases that were transferred from the Magistrates Court for a fair trial in the High Court.

Justice Ansumana Ivan Sesay, a Judge from the Court of Appeal, presided over the call-over of newly presented criminal indictment cases. These cases were subsequently assigned to various Judges for trial.

Taking place at the main Law Court Building on Siaka Stevens Street in Freetown, the criminal session saw the detention of thirteen Jurors, including three females, in the Court Cell.

The presiding Judge at the call-over ordered their detention due to their late arrival to the Court and negligence of their civic duties.

Legal Aid Board’s Lawyer, Cicelia Tucker, assumed the role of lead counsel representing most of the accused individuals who were arraigned. On the other side, Jessy T. Tucker and their team are representing the State.

The call-over session will continue today, May 16th, 2023. The cases that were called during the opening session have been adjourned to ensure a proper trial takes place.