Hope Radio 93.3 FM in Makeni has announced of a temporal shutdown of its station following a tragedy that befell it this morning, the 1st September, 2022.

In a devastating state, Hope FM made this announcement early this morning on its Facebook page.

It wrote: “@ HOPEFM.We are devastated!

Dear listeners and viewers, at about 3:00am this morning we were greeted with the devastating news of a thunderstorm that swept through Field road in Makeni taking away the roofs of the building housing HOPE FM:93.3 and Provincial Times NEWSPAPER.

The same storm did same to the building housing city bar and restaurant and city unisex saloon on 46 Rogbaneh Rd.
Other buildings are also affected including the Makeni City Council building at the main lorry park.

We lost key equipments and documents to the torrential rain that followed thereafter.

Given our current predicament we will off air until we are able to fix a new roof and replace the affected equipments.”