Health authorities have called on Sierra Leoneans who are healthy and fit to donate blood to support hospitalized Wellington fire victims.

Hospitalized victims desperately need blood as there is no enough blood at the hospitals to help victims sustain their lives.

The high degree of burns makes the condition of victims very serious that many victims cannot make it without blood donations.

This is a national, moral and brotherly duty on us Sierra Leoneans. If you’re healthy and fit, please go and make blood donation. Your donation will save lives.

It’s the seriousness of the situation that made youth like Mohamed Alie Kalokoh, Hannah Kargbo, Amb. Mohamed Harass Barrie and others to lead the bood donation drive.

Mohamed Alie Kalokoh reported that nurses said the situation and people must help to save the lives of their compatriots.

Hannah Kargbo said the blood donation process is simple and quick and that people should not be afraid to do the blood donation.

Mohamed Harass Barrie has also encouraged people to do the donation to save live. The victims need us now more than ever.

We entreat you to go out now and donate blood to save lives. It could have been us in their situation. It could have been us who need blood.

Gracefully, it’s not us who need, but who have been urgently called upon to donate. Go to PCMH or any government hospital to do your blood donation.