“Let your disposition/ orientation don’t discourage you to go for your heart desires.”

Ramatu Nafisatu Sankoh is an Hijabee Engineer based in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone.

She went through a five years certified course at F.B.C. During the process she registered at Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers (SLIE) as a student member.  Immediately after graduation she proceeded to the next level which was where she found herself as a Graduate Member of the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers.

Interestingly, there is never a successful achievement without its challenges. This dream of hers was achieved through hard challenges she fought and overcame.

 “My field is a male dominated area. When I opted for this course it was a situation in which I have to succeed at all cost. I persevered my way through the university to achieve my dream competing in a class of 4 female students over minimum of 30 male students fighting for survival” She stated.

However, as the saying goes; with every hardship comes ease. Today, Ing Sankoh is pleased of what she has become despite going through a whole lot of challenges being a woman and a hijabee woman.

“I felt delighted about the whole thing. It’s like achieving a childhood dream and I believe this is just a stepping stone to many more great achievements in my life.”

With that she hopes to inspire  women, especially women in hijab, with her adventure and to encourage with this message:

“To all hijabees and women in general never doubt that you are valuable, powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams . You should always try to do the impossible even if you fail let that failure be a challenge to others.”

Ing Sankoh is a product of one of the best schools in Freetown for girls which is The Annie Walsh Memorial School were she did both her Junior and Senior Secondary.

She later pursued her degree at Fourah Bay College and graduated with a Honors degree in Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering.

During her stay at FBC, she became a member of the Muslim Jamaat where she served as Chairlady during her final year.

She is currently employed and a Graduate member of the Sierra Leone Institution of Engineers (GSLIE).