A couple, Chris Dave Kassengbama and Hannah Chris Kassegbama have been sentenced to three years Imprisonment after being found guilty of domestic violence and assault.

Both Husband and Wife were convicted after making their last appearance at the Freetown Magistrate Court on Wednesday.

It was alleged that the convicts, on January 11, 2022 at Goderich in Freetown abused one Sahid Sesay in a way that caused him serious bodily harm.

While ruling on the matter, Magistrate Mark Ngegba expressed satisfaction that the prosecution have proven its case beyond reasonable doubts. He also mentioned that the testimonies of called witnesses were adequately corroborated.

Appealing on behalf of the convicts, Defence Counsel, I.T Bundu asked the magistrate to temper justice with mercy emphasizing that the accused cum convicted persons were first time offenders.

In his ruling, Magistrate Ngegba setenced both accused persons with a three year jail term or pay a fine amounting to NLe11,000 to the Judiciary sub treasury.