The Principal magistrate of Pademba Road Court No.1, Magistrate Mark Ngegba will today, 31st October, 2022 pass judgment on fifty five (55) accused for their alleged involvement in the Wednesday, 10th August, 2022 insurrection in some parts of the country that claimed many lives and properties including six serving police officers.

The accused, Mabinty Bangura, Mohamed Jalloh, Kadiatu Kamara, Osman Junior Kamara, Maseray Bangura, Kadiatu Bangura, Mohamed Kargbo and forty eight others are under investigation for twenty one count offenses ranging from riotous conduct, disorderly behavior, malicious damage, loitering, carrying offensive weapons to throwing missiles contrary to law.

According to the particulars of offense, on Wednesday 10th August, 2022, at various locations within East End Freetown, the accused behaved in a riotous and disorderly manner, whilst they were also found throwing missiles, loitering and maliciously damaged the K-Step Police Post at Calaba Town, Kissy Police Post, Congo Water and Approved School Police Post in Wellington and the Wellington Industrial Estate Police Post among other damages.