ECONEC is a new political creation, an offshoot of the parent body ECOWAS. ECONEC was established to manage and supervise elections in the sub region of both Anglophone and Francophone countries that are members of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS).

The regional body has its military wing, known as ECOMOG. The body is responsible for all military operations in the sub region both in the Anglophone and Francophone countries.

Its functions are crucial and have maintained such since its establishment to date. In addition to its military wing, ECOWAS also has the judiciary arm of the organization that presides over human rights abuse cases brought to the attention of the court by countries that are signatories to the ECOWAS Treaty.
Sierra Leone, for the first time in her political history will get a firsthand experience of ECONEC, when the body will be involved in the conduct and management of the 2023 Presidential Elections.

According to an insider of the renowned diplomat who has considerable experience about politics in the West Africa Sub Region. Somebody that is very credible to take up the mantle of leadership in the region on behalf of the organization and countries. It is very unlikely that the former President of Nigeria, His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan will not take up the leadership role of ECONEC in the region for several reasons.

However, what this medium has been reliably informed about relating to the regional task of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan is that the may lead the African Union Observers Mission to Sierra Leone for the 2023 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

The position of Head of the African Union Observers Mission had been initially rejected by both ex-president Goodluck Jonathan and John Mahama according to regional sources on the grounds that both of them had expressed interest in their country’s presidency for the second time. In the case of ex-president John Mahama, this is the third time he has demonstrated interest in the presidency of Ghana.

It is not known whether has political party would feature him for the third time. For ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, sources within his party claimed that he withdrew his interest for reason that was not made public.

The new assignment to head the African Union Observers Mission is seen as a tentative assignment. Diplomatic sources say the reason is that the current holder of the group that most of the time is authorized by the Union to proceed on Observes Mission in Africa and beyond cannot make it this time round because Sierra Leone where ex-president Koroma had served for ten years as President is the country that will be conducting presidential and parliamentary elections, and would therefore not be seen as independent or objective in the execution of his duties.