Five June 13th Protesters were sent to remand on an alleged riotous behavior by Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Pademba Road Court No. 1 until the next adjourned date of July 17th, 2023.

The accused persons are charged for riotous conduct.

Prosecution witness number one Superintendent John S. Koroma, Operations Officer at the Kissy Police division said on Tuesday 13th June, he was on duty and received information about a group gathering at Portee junction holding placards.

On arrival there, he said he canvassed them to be peaceful and gave way to both vehicular and pedestrian movement but they refused and rather started pelting stones on the law enforcement personnel.

As a  result, he said some of the rioters were arrested.

Asked during cross examination by Brima Musa to define who a rioter is, the police chief said a rioter is someone who behave disorderly.

Yusufu Caulker, Momoh Koroma, Ibrahim Sesay, Abdul Sesay. and Abass Kargbo are before the Magistrate Mark Ngegba on three counts of failure to give notice of procession, behaving in a disorderly manner and throwing missiles on Tuesday 13th June, 2023 at Portee  East of Freetown.

Five others: Mohamed Kargbo, John Bangura, Alusine Kamara, lbrahim S. Foday and Sheku A.T. Cobteh were earlier sent on remand by Magistrate Mark Ngegba until 18th July.

They are charged with the offense of failure to give notice for procession and behaving in a disorderly manner which are in violation of provisions of the 1965 Public Order Act.