Kafe, a chiefdom in Northern Sierra Leone, will on Sunday go to the pool to elect its Paramount chief, according to the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone.

The chiefdom is in the Tonkolili district, and it has been for years without a Paramount chief. Since its amalgamation around 1947 with Simiria, a neighboring chiefdom, no Paramount chief has ever come from Kafe for almost eighty years.

PC Alimamy Bangura 1 and 11, the last two rulers of the two amalgamated chiefdoms of Kafe Simiria are all from the Simiria side. And it was on that backdrop the people of Kafe urged for the two chiefdoms to be split during the era of former President Ernest Bai Koroma.

After many years without the chieftaincy, the chiefdom will go to elections on Sunday. Four candidates, all from the Tholley clan are contesting the elections.

The four – Dr. Joseph B Tholley, Alhaji Tholley, Mohamed Tholley, and Hassan Tholley were declared eligible after a tense Declaration of Rights in the Chiefdom headquarters of Kamaruku on May 5th, 2022.

Two of the aspirants – Mohamed Sankoh and Mustapha Sankoh, that also declared for the chieftaincy were disqualified on grounds that their ruling house wasn’t recognized by the people of the chiefdom.

However, three of the candidates have in a letter addressed to the Provincial Secretary of the Northeast region thrown support to the other contender. The three say they are now supporting Dr. Joseph B Tholley to run unopposed. One of the candidates, Alhaji Tholley said, they’re going to allow Dr. Tholley to legitimately run unopposed because they’re a family, and they want to allow Dr. Tholley to continue his developmental agendas in the chiefdom.

Emmanuel Yagbaji, the Tonkolili District Electoral Manager for the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone, said, the Commission is well prepared to conduct the elections. And Yagbaji said the Commission remains committed to conducting free and fair