During a meeting convened on Friday, March 22nd, 2024, at the Kailahun District Health Management Team conference hall, Health Alert, with funding from the USAID Momentum project, organized the event.
Stakeholders of Kailahun has committed and pledged to work with the Adolescents Youth (AY) Mechanism.

The AY Mechanism is an initiative established to strengthen the collective capacity of AY serving and led organizations and other agencies to accelerate better and greater investment in AY SRH.
To as well jointly and collectively implement multiple strategies for addressing SRH needs of AY at all levels; national district and villages.

Speaking on behalf of the Chief Administrator at the district council, Mohamed A. Koroma, expressed delight for such an initiative, he noted that, they are there to serve the people with a clear understanding that they’re equally accountable to them. He assured the AY-Mechanism membership that they should always come knocking the doors of the council for every information whatsoever.

He remarked that, knowing fully well that there is already an existing AY body, they are ready and willing to work hand in glove with them on every matters/activities related to Adolescents and Youth, they’ll ensure to own the Mechanism he intimated.

The matron Kailahun Government Hospital Mando Kamara who represented the Medical supretendent and district health sister on this meeting said, DHMT being the parent body for health in the district, adolescents health is in the heart of whatever they do, thereby are ready to welcome, incorporate and supported the mechanism eitherways because bodies of such nature are complimenting their efforts in ensuring good health outcomes in the district.

Rounding up this meeting the duo stakeholders pledged by signing a document of their commitment to working side by side with the AY-Mechanism.

The ending of this meeting was followed by a Radio discussion on the essence of the Mechanism and their expectations from the district stakeholders and the entire society at large.