FBC-SU ELECTION: Kakay or Alfred, Who Will Make a Fine Leader?

The much-anticipated Presidential Students Union Election of Fourah Bay College (FBC) will take place today the 15th September,2022.

The two top candidates, Salamatu Kakay and Alfred Micah Sesay will go into the polls today and one will definitely be the next student union president at the Fourah Bay College.

But before students of the Fourah Bay College go into the polling station to vote, here is a brief details of what they must know about the two top candidates.

Salamatu Kakay is a third year Law student whom from a tender age has shown leadership qualities in the positions she has held. She has held leadership positions at different stages in her life, from preschool unto university.

Right from primary school, she was appointed Head Girl of her school, Presidential spokesperson for the Children’s Forum Network( CFN) and Child Representative.

She served as an Head Girl again at her secondary school, President of the News Quarterly program and a writer in the School Magazine.

In the Fourah Bay College, she served as a member of the Games and Sport Committee and Financial Secretary in the Law Department.

Alfred Micah Sesay on the other hand, is also a third year Law student of the Fourah Bay College whom has also served in many key positions.

Before going to the university, Alfred Sesay had served as a child advocate in his school days, president for the Children’s Forum Network( CFN) and President of the Literal and debating society in his school.

Alfred M Sesay has been at the forefront as one of the few students that has represented Fourah Bay College greatly, serving in key positions.

To crown everything, he was a part of the outgoing regime where he served as Minister of Education.

Miss Kakay and Mr Sesay are both intelligent and brilliant students whom has experience in taking up leadership positions. But who among them have shown more leadership qualities? Who has shown integrity in their work and who is more fit to take up the presidency of the FBC SU?

This can be judged by their performance in their previous position. Alfred as Member of the Dinner Committee and Education Minister could not account for some certain things at some point, Whiles Salamatu as a member of the Games and Sport Committee and Financial Secretary in the Law Society, has through and through maintain accountability and transparency.

Miss Kakay campaigned on accountability, transparency, efficiency and inclusion whiles Mr Sesay  campaigned on experienced leadership and astute representation.

Both will go into the poll today and one will be the next student union president at the FBC.

Students of the prestigious Fourah Bay College Choose the best option, vote solidly.



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