The local people of Kamakwie Town, the district headquarter of Karene, have refused to honour to protest on Monday.

Sierraloaded was meant to understand that the town was relatively peaceful on Monday -defying speculation that the town could descend into chaos on Monday, September 11.

A prominent businesswoman in the town, Momie Kaday admonished her fellow traders and some of the local people to remain peaceful.

β€œWe have to promote peace rather than violence,” the businesswoman said.

Kaday also advised her colleagues to defy boycotting their business in the name of protest.

On Monday, most of Freetown was reduced to almost a ghost town after calls for protest surfaced on social media. Heavy security presence was felt throughout the capital especially the east – a hotspot in a previous protest on August 10, last year.

While the city was peaceful and calm in the morning hours, reports of violence surfaced in the afternoon with at least one reported dead in the eastern Freetown suburb of Kissy.

There were also unconfirmed reports of gunshot in other parts of the city.