After the rising bloody demonstration on August 10th, 2022 that leads to the loss of many lives and properties including security personnel in some parts of the country, statements have been made by different organizations, groups, and individuals to condemn the act.

The All People’s Congress as the main opposition party has also made a statement which they start by sympathizing with families who lost their loved ones through the demonstration.

They went further to state that as a political party they condemn all forms of violence and are reminding stakeholders that citizens have the constitutional right to engage in a peaceful protest.
They also state that the security sector has the mandate to protect the lives and properties of citizens.

They said as a party, they will continue to reaffirm and reinforce commitment to sustainable peace and national cohesion.

They call on all stakeholders to de-escalate tension and fully respect the rule of law and rights of citizens.

They ends by stating that, as a party they believe in meaningful and constructive dialogue with all stakeholders in the national space to ensure sustainable peace and
stability of the country.