A keke Tricycle rider identified as Mohamed Aruna has done a remarkable thing in Freetown by returning a handset forgotten by a passenger that had unboarded his keke.

This is something very unusual that riders of his pair would never have done.

The passenger whom had forgotten his handset, Billy Harry Sesay, gave this testimony on his Facebook page. He wrote;

“The people who give us hope. This is Mohamed Aruna a Keke rider in Freetown whom amidst my speedy-busy schedule, I left my phone in his Keke one evening last week,ย  Mohamed had to go all out to get my phone back to me intact – he answered all of my calls appropriately and he knew who to talk to about getting to me as to how I saved the numbers in my phone and came right to my place and hand me my phone. (I asked him how he did it – say some number e nor pick because e nor wan for tell dem but the phone e loss wan but wae e see some number e know say if e nor pick r go get issues with the people so e pick en explain).

“If you wish to hire a Keke man, I am sure Mohamed is the man, and you can reach him on 030 52 11 25. Mohamed is not here on Facebook (I guess) but I got to post this to assure us all that some good people are hustling with the fear of God out there.

“Thank you, Mohamed. #goodpeople #trustworthiness #kekelove #good.”, He said

Mr Aruna despite the hardship in the country, has proven to be a very honest and genuine hustler, for which his kind gesture has caught the attention of many sierra Leoneans.