Pink Power Organization is embarking on sensitizations of HIV/AIDS and other Sexual Transmission Diseases (STDs) across the country.

The 2019 Demographic and Health Survey indicates that Sierra Leone has a mixed and generalized HIV epidemic; with a prevalence of 1.7%, as reported by African News.

Pink Power Organization was formed by sex workers to help fight for the rights of vulnerable women and children in Sierra Leone.

Over the years, it has helped empower many young women through different skills. One of those skills is Kekeh riding, which is also the means they used to sensitize people about the dangers of HIV and other STDs, and why should they use condoms. A box of condom is provided to every passenger who onboard their Kekeh.

The organization currently has over 12 female Kekeh riders who sensitize people while making their living with the slogan, ‘One ride one condom‘.

The Kekeh riding is not the only job the women are involved with.

The organization has a center where they train young women in different skills like hairdressing, tailoring, and a computer facility where the ladies engage themselves during their quiet time.

Zainab Turay, one of the beneficiaries of Pink Power shed light on some of the challenges they are constrained with.

The tailoring machines are not enough. We’re more than 12 in number and we have about 3-4 tailoring machines. Some people will sit for the whole day without being able to use one. I have benefited a lot from Pink Power. I learned both tailoring and hairdressing,” she explained.

The organization is also working with other organizations to collect data on HIV/AIDS in Sierra Leone.

Source: African News