A woman has allegedly been kidnapped in Kenema city, eastern Sierra Leone, and those holding her hostage are reportedly asking for Le5M in local currency before releasing her otherwise, her family will never see her again, local police here said on Tuesday.

The woman and her husband live at Burma III in Kenema town – and the reason for the alleged kidnapping hasn’t yet been disclosed.

Police said the alleged kidnappers have given until today, Tuesday evening, for the ransom to be paid to them – through the woman’s orange money mobile account number.

Sierra Leone Police spokesman in Kenema district Brima Musa, says that the 40-year-old woman’s husband had reported the kidnapping to law enforcement early Friday morning.

And Musa said it’s an unprecedented case in the region.

“This is the first time of hearing of such an act in the region hence, it will be [thoroughly] investigated. Our cyber team are monitoring the calls from one party to the other. We will notify you after our investigations,” the police spokesman said.

According to police, Richard Moigua, who identified himself as the husband of Augusta Moigua, the reportedly kidnapped woman, reported in the very early hours of Friday – that he’d received a telephone call from an unknown group of people.

And, police said, quoting Richard Moigua, the alleged kidnappers told him on the telephone call that they’re holding his wife, and then demanded that he paid them ransom for her release.

Or else, police said Richard Moigua told them, “we will never set eyes on August Moigua. And we are arranging to raise the said amount.”

However, Sources close to this medium stated that the reported kidnapped woman had earlier requested, from her husband, the exact amount of money that the alleged kidnappers are now reportedly requesting for her release.

But the husband told her he didn’t have money thus, he  didn’t give it to her, according to sources who spoke on condition of anonymity.