The Head of Operations for the Kenema Police Division, Ibrahim D. Kamara has on the 25th August, 2023 sent a strong warning to Motorbike Riders for the strict usage of crash Helmet effective September 1, 2023.

Deputy Superintendent Kamara maintained that, the law cuts across every bike riders be it private or commercial and that the police will not hesitate to fall on anyone who go against the dictates of the law, adding that, the issue of using crash helmet is not a new law as it has been in existence for quite a long time now. He said the law came into full existence in 2007 pursuant to section 114 (2) of the road traffic act of 2007, which maintains that anyone riding a motorbike has to use a crash helmet as well as the pillion.

He said, there have been too many death occurrences as a course of not using crash helmet and the police may ensure to protect the lives and properties of everyone, adding that, they have engaged other partners including the Sierra Leone Road Cooperation, the executive of the Bike Riders Union and more to have them involved in creating the awareness.

“Everyone using motorbike on September 1 is expected to use crash Helmet and no one will be exempted from the law if found wanting” he stated.

He encouraged all riders that, they should not carry any passenger who refuses to use the crash Helmet for their own safety.