Residents of Kissi Kama chiefdom in the Kailahun district of Sierra Leone have elected Samuel Tamba Jabba as its new paramount chief following a tightly contested election on Saturday. 

The chiefdom has lived with no paramount chief since 2021 when the late Tamba A.F.Y. Okeke Jabba IV passed on. Following his passing, Regent Chief Kassoh assumed acting leadership responsibilities for a period spanning two years.

On Saturday 2nd March 2024, the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) conducted the Paramount chieftaincy elections among three candidates, including: Samuel Tamba Jabba, Michael Jimmy Fayia Katta and Abduali Tamba Bankpoir Tengbeh.

During the first poll, Samuel Tamba Jabba polled a valid votes of 230, representing 49.40% of valid votes cast, Michael Jimmy Fayia Katta scored 43 valid votes, representing 9.05% and Abduali Tamba Bankpoir Tengbeh secured 192 votes representing 41.29% of the valid vote cast.

Since none of the candidates couldn’t meet the threshold of the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone {55%} the two highest candidates were allowed to go into runoff.

The runoff which demands for simple majority was won by Samuel TamQba Jabba with 237 valid votes cast against Abduali Tengbeh who pulled 210 valid votes. 451 Tribal Authorities participated in the elections out of 468.

The event brought together many stakeholders, including, the Director of Local Government, Provincial Secretary, Regional Commissioner East, Electoral Commission Sierra Leone, District Officer Kailahun, Paramount chiefs, security personnel (Sierra Leone Police and RSLAF), and Media houses.

The winner Samuel Tamba Jabba was a son of the late Paramount chief Okeke Tamba Jabba, who passed away two years ago.
Jubilation escalate the streets of Dia town, Kissi Kama chiefdom Kailahun District, celebrating the victory of Samuel Tamba Jabba, and, on the other hand sad moment overshadowed the Tengbeh family and supporters for losing chieftaincy elections.

The Paramount chief elect, Samuel Tamba Jabba was taken to Kenema for further preparation to appropriate quarters.