A Descendant of Kono, Kaituugay, has called on Kono people to open their eyes well and remove their political specs from their eyes and defend the place they call their home, as he suspects something fishy to happen soon in Kono.

“All Paramount Chiefs, government officers, and party supporters of the ruling government will assemble in Kono on Thursday,9th June 2022 as dictated.

My source is reliably informing me that all villagers in the interior are compelled to be in attendance without any question.

Is it to popularize the agenda for boundary delimitation or to take ownership of lands from chiefs and hand them over to the central government (specifically the Ministry of Land and Local Councils). Am sure both items are top priorities.

Would the Kono Clan, the descendants of great and fearless warriors yield to allowing part of their land taken away from them? No and undoubtedly No

I believe the no-nonsense descendants of the great warriors will not be subdued to forcefully take lands.

There is no other time to stand for the truth relatively than now. Subjective aggrandizement must be disobeyed or Kono is doomed”