Kono District in Sierra Leone is set to see a major infrastructure boost with the construction of a new 64-meter bridge across the Bafin River.

The project was recently inspected by Ambassador Ernest Mbaina Ndomaihina, Commissioner for the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA), and a delegation from the KFW mission.

The bridge will serve as a vital link between the Gbense and Sandor Chiefdoms, promoting both development and economic growth in the region.

Residents of the communities have expressed their gratitude for the project and are actively involved in monitoring the construction process to ensure a positive outcome.

NaCSA, a semi-autonomous government agency tasked with supporting social sector initiatives, is playing a key role in overseeing the project.

As part of their core mandate, they are ensuring that all government ministries and local authorities involved in the construction are delivering the necessary services for the benefit of the people.

Construction is reportedly progressing at a rapid pace, with a focus on high-quality work that will ensure the bridge serves its purpose for years to come.