The Kono Students’ Union (KoNSU) conducted the inauguration of a free summer school program on Saturday, August 5th, 2023.

The event took place at the Ansarul Islamic Girls’ Secondary School in Koidu City, drawing the participation of over 1,500 pupils from across the district.

Comprising university students from various institutions nationwide, KoNSU is committed to giving back to the community and aiding young individuals in accomplishing their educational aspirations.

Distinguished guests at the launch included the Executive Representative of the Elders’ Council, Chairman of Civil Society Organizations, Representative of the Deputy Director of Education, National Executive of KonSU, tutors from different universities, members of the 2023 KonSU Tutorial Committee, and representatives from both Print and Electronic Media in Kono. Notably, hundreds of pupils from different schools were also present at the ceremony. The proceedings were overseen by the esteemed National President of the Union, Sahr Kpakima Jawara Allieu.

During the event, National President Sahr Kpakima Jawara Allieu and other prominent speakers unveiled innovative strategies for this year’s Summer Lesson.

Among these is the introduction of a Weekly Public Lecture series, designed to bring knowledgeable experts each week to impart understanding of challenging concepts. This approach aims to broaden pupils’ horizons and positively reshape their perspectives on education, emphasizing that learning extends beyond the confines of the classroom.

National President Allieu elaborated on the one-day training session organized by the Tutorial Committee, wherein tutors were acquainted with the New School Curriculum.

The training, facilitated by the Deputy Director of Education and his team, provided technical guidance and insights. Over fifty tutors received this comprehensive training, covering the new curriculum, teaching approaches, and disciplinary measures to be implemented throughout the Summer Lesson.

Francis Bangai Bukuii, Chairman of the Tutorial Committee, assured stakeholders and parents of the program’s commitment to upholding a structured and secure learning environment.

The focus remains on fostering effective and high-quality learning experiences for all participating pupils.