Sierra Leonean entertainment journalist, Prezo Koroma has debunked Dr. John Idriss Lahai, allegations that former Skye Bank Managing Director (MD), Ikubllaje Nicol has not been sleeping at the Pademba Road Correctional Center.

On Monday 6th March 2023, Dr. Lahai posted on his Facebook post alleging that the former Skye bank Managing Director (MD), who has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, does not sleep at the Pademba Road Correctional Center.

He said the head of Padember Road prison is getting orders from the Minister of Justice to allow Bola to be sleeping at his house and report to prison at 6 am every day.

Prezo Koroma who was released from prison a week ago, in a post shared on his social media, handles debunked Dr. Lahai’s allegations, calling them baseless and geared toward damaging the good reputation of the Sierra Leone Correctional Center.

Prezo Koroma said as a former inmate, he can attest to the fact that Bola has been sleeping at the Padember Road prison since November 2022 and explained how they meet each other.

As a former Inmate, I can vividly attest to the fact that Bola Nicol has been sleeping at the Pademba road Prison since they brought him in November 2022. I came in contact with Bola within a week of his arrival and ever since we became allied because of the passion we both have for helping the less privileged in Prison. We ate from the same plate, exercised together, wash in the same bathroom, and moved up and down within the yard till the time for lock up in the evening hours. We always assemble early in the morning for our daily exercise at the field,” Koroma explained

He continued that the management of Pademba Road Prison is not receiving orders from above as Dr. Lahai claimed in his post, but they are dealing directly with the court and operates on documents, not verbal orders.

Dr. Idriss Lahai sir, the Management of Pademba Road Prison doesn’t take orders from above, their key responsibility is to keep and take care of inmates. They deal directly with the courts and they operate on documents, not verbal orders. The allegations against the Minister of Justice are inaccurate. You are unjustly attacking the Minister for no good reason. No one has ever been in custody at the Prison and sleeps outside of the facility,” he stated.

Prezo Koroma further noted that Dr. Lahai calling Bola a murderer is unfortunate without him getting to know him.

It is so unfortunate for you to label Bola Nicol as a murderer without getting to know him. Bola is standing trial as an accused person, not a convicted person. The court is regarding him as an accused person, not a murderer, you condescend so low to call him a murderer. Bola is a successful banker that has impacted the lives of many and currently, he is helping so many people in Prison,” he noted.

He concluded by asking Dr. Lahai to provide evidence for his accusations.

Ngor Lahai, please let us see the evidence on which you claim that Bola Nicol has not been sleeping at the Pademba Road Prison,” Koroma concluded.