On Friday 25th November 2022, the Deputy Director General of the Sierra Leone Correctional Service- Colonel David Ngaujah offered fatherly advice to Officers at the Kenema Correctional Centre, Eastern Region Headquarters.

He was attending, on behalf of the Director General (Mr Ahmed Turay) of the SLCS, the Annual Media and CSOs Retreat facilitated by the Ministry of Information and Communications. The DDG used the opportunity to boost officers’ morale with words of encouragement.

He told them to remain steadfast, devoted, and patient while discharging their duties.

Col. Ngaujah enlightened the muster parade that he understood all the challenges officers were facing, adding “that should not make you relent- everyone should keep working hard”.

“All those who work hard will be rewarded, as we have already put mechanisms in place which will ensure that. I want us to be at par with the Military and Police for example.”

Colonel further revealed that the said mechanisms have already been tabled to the relevant authorities for necessary action. He added that Government did not send him to the SLCS to play kids’ games. He said he and the DG will do everything to ensure that the SLCS is placed on the chart of recognition.

After he addressed the muster parade, he held a brief meeting in the Eastern Regional Commander’s Office with key staff where he listened to various concerns and responded with aplomb. He also did a visual tour of both the Kenema Male and Female Correctional Centres respectively.