In a unique move to combat drug abuse, the fervent fan base of Luawa FC has initiated an anti-drug campaign by organizing a football competition involving youths from various sectors and walks of life.

Teams were formed with members from diverse groups, including bike riders, the media, police, telecom agents, and ataya base, among others.

Mr. Kaifa Thomas, one of the event’s organizers, believes this initiative can significantly reshape the attitudes of addicts, guiding them towards becoming responsible citizens. “Drug abuse doesn’t solely affect the individual,” remarked Thomas. “It has a ripple effect on society. Everyone must partake in the sensitization process if we hope to diminish or eliminate drug abuse.”

In tandem with the anti-drug message, peace and tolerance were also prominent themes. Supporters of the Luawa FC team were urged to foster a violence-free atmosphere, especially as the Sierra Leone Premier League approaches.

To conclude the event, representatives from the police sector emphasized their primary duty to safeguard lives and property. They assured attendees that their role was not to instill fear but to offer protection and maintain peace.