A 25 years old man battling with a difficult and painful health condition is seeking financial assistance from kind-hearted Sierra Leoneans and people outside of the country.

The young man, is a final year student and a resident of the Ngiehun Luawa village in Kailahun. He is a very hardworking person who was fighting to lebrate himself from mental slavery and improve the standard of living of his family till sadly his life took a different turn when he developed some rare sickness.

The ailment has become a threat to his prestigious life especially this moment when it has almost taken over his back.

He is said to be currently admitted at the Connaught hospital, however, his situation seems to be difficult and his family are short of money.

The young man is calling on Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad to help save his life in what ever little way they can.

As it’s at this moment all his passion for education is going down the drain as the pain continues eating him up heavily.

He can be reached atย  075 617876. Calling on individuals, groups, NGOs, Government and Religious agencies to help save his life