A man identified as Mr. Northernan has claimed that he and many others are responsible for the killing of ASP Mathew Moiwah Gbanya aka “Boyka” on Saturday 8 April 2023 in Makeni, Northern Sierra Leone.

In a viral video making rounds on social media, he claimed that they murdered the police officer and many more deaths will follow.

According to Mr. Northernan, the late police officer was involved in the killing of people in the August 10 insurgence in the country.

He further stated that, they will soon trap Abu-Abu, the current Minister of State for the Northern Region.

Read his statement below:

My fellow Sierra Leoneans, this is Mr. Nothernan, the advocate; today is the 9th April, 2023. I want to talk to Sierra Leoneans and to my people of the Northern  Region as well that all those citizens who destroyed the lives of innocent citizens in that country will pay for it with their own life. Asp Gbanya who just loss his life, I want to inform the general public that we don’t hide our identity when we do things; he is just a start to our plans. I want to tell the northerners that I am here to save you.

ASP Gbanya was one of the people who killed people in Makeni during the August 8-10 insurgence this year just because these people came out to exercise their domestic right of speaking against a bad system and they think that they will go free. Abu-Abu you are the first on the list but you were lucky as you have seek protection in Bo, I want you to know that, I have got all your information and details and very soon my boys will hit at you, if you are lucky, then you will not die before election but if not then prepare to die soon I promise you.

All those Police and Military Officers we have your names and addresses and we may kill you one at a time as we have just started with ASP Gbanya. We may kill you without a trace,  I made this video to clear the doubt of the general public on the police officer we just killed in Makeni.’’

Watch video below: