Magistrate Mark Ngeba, presiding over the case, issued an order for Foday Allieu, also known as King-39 to be transported to a mental health facility for a duration of one month.

The order was issued after the accused claimed to be a king and expressed a belief that he should have an office at the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Law enforcement officials have reported that Allieu was allegedly seen carrying a machete, commonly referred to as a cutlass, in a public space on Gloucester Street in the Western Area of Freetown on Monday, July 10th, 2023. This act was deemed illegal as he lacked the necessary authorization or justification.

Additionally, the accused is facing charges of disorderly conduct. However, Allieu pleaded not guilty to the charges presented. Magistrate Ngegba, suspecting potential mental health issues, ordered the transfer of Allieu to the Kissy Mental Home for a one-month period dedicated to observation and treatment.

The case was adjourned until August 14, 2023, for further hearing, with Inspector Sellu Tap assigned as the prosecuting officer.