Sierra Leonean Man born in Sengeh at Kagboro Chiefdom in Moyamba District, the Southern Province of Sierra Leone, Tcho Gbabior, has shared on twitter a small Storey structured building built in Sierra Leone by an engineer who has no certificate. 

According to him, the Engineer who constructed that house, is at Kpetewoma, Kagboro Chiefdom in Moyamba District, Southern part of Sierra Leone. He said that this engineer has never sat neither has he been taught in a classroom before, not to talk of him having a certificate in engineering. 

Wow! Such smartness in the idea to construct such a building with ground sand and poorly old-fashioned materials is really amazing. Imagine how he could built such a building, not just an ordinary flat but a storey like with an open face, without being taught in school. 

Although it is not finely made as modern days houses, we can see how intelligently it was built; from the way he carved the staircase up-to the way he roofed it, making sure there is no space for water to affect the building when there is rain. 

 Man is indeed smart in nature, with or without education! 

Checkout some reactions below:

“Did Early man go to any university to think? Thinking is not taught, it is a natural process. IDIOTS purporting to be educated must stop dehumanising those who did not go to school. Education is not a language or taught facts pool. It is a process of response to nature.”

“This structure can’t survive with me and four others living in it. Nice try though 😂😂😂😂😂😂. @moyambaengineeringfirm”

“This structure can’t survive with me and four others living in it. Nice try though 😂😂😂😂😂😂. @moyambaengineeringfirm”

“A very nice house”