Donald Hollist has taken his mother, Dorothy Ngorgoh, and two other family members to court over allegations of trespassing on his property.

The defendants appeared before Magistrate Sahr Kekura at the Ross Road Court No. 1 in Freetown on a private criminal summons, facing charges of trespass, threatening language, common assault, and malicious damage.

According to the complaint, the incident occurred on May 13, 2023, at Magnus Street in Wellington, where the defendants allegedly trespassed on the premises owned by Donald Hollist despite being warned not to do so. The plaintiff also claimed that he was assaulted by the defendants during the incident.

The summons presented in court further alleged that the defendants threatened the complainant and caused intentional damage to his property, which was estimated to be worth twelve thousand New Leones (NLe1200).

During the court proceedings, Donald Hollist revealed that the first defendant is his mother. He also stated that he serves as the administrator of the property in question.

Responding to Hollist’s claim of being the property’s administrator, Magistrate Kekura pointed out that being an administrator does not necessarily make him a beneficiary of the said property.

In the defense’s response, counsel J. Grant requested bail for the defendants. Assuring the court that his clients would not pose a flight risk, he pledged that they would always be present for court appearances as required.

Considering the request, Magistrate Kekura granted bail to the first accused, Dorothy Ngorgoh, on her own recognition. The second and third defendants were each granted bail of fifty thousand Leones (NLe50,00). The court then adjourned the matter to July 3, 2023.