Sierra Leonean Model, and Wife of Leone Stars Striker, Musa Noah Kamara, popularly known as Musa Tombo, Hawa Tombo has on yesterday declared her support to the East End Lions, the Killers Football Club. 

Hawa Tombo has been known to be a fan of Bo Rangers Football Club and she has on so many occasions rendered her support to the team. On an incident that happened few weeks back, a match between Bo Rangers and East End Lions that disrupted to a fight, she was alleged to be a prime factor that caused the fight between the two teams. This was as a result of the way she expressed her love for the Bo Rangers that happens to be her Husband,  Musa Tombo’s team.

Despite all the hard times she has seen in the Bo Rangers matches, she has yesterday made up her mind to switch team. On a date 21st April 2022, she declared her support to the East End Lions, The Killers, and added that whosoever that can help her with an East End Lions Jersey, she would be grateful.

Hawa Tombo expressed her dismay over the last incident that lasted her shop filled with human feces. Expressing her support for the The Killers, the social media Queen, went on and added that she has sacrificed everything now it is up to them to do what they think it is right for them because they have money and power. “Make den ready for cam kill me now oh because dea kaka way unea be cam troway na me shop small…” she said.

Sierra Leoneans are yet to find the true reasons behind this sudden transfer to a rival team. According to some Sierra Leoneans Football loving fans, this could be as a result of what happened to her shop that was plastered with human feces after the incident. Others say, it is because of the last defeat of Bo Rangers to its rival club, East End Lions.

We look forward to a further dig in into the matter.

On her Facebook timeline she wrote:


I Hawa Kamara

AKA Hawa Tombo

I declare my Support for Lions

Please anyone can help with Lions Jessie I will be grateful.

Make den ready for cam kill me now oh because dea kaka way unea be cam troway na me shop small

Because na unea get money en power.”