A business woman has been allegedly raped on the 15th January by four men whom she met in a motor vehicle while travelling for a business trip in Magburaka.

The alleged victim, a business woman from Freetown, says the four men allegedly penetrated her at midnight along the Freetown-Makeni high way. The woman is currently hospitalised as she slowly recovers from the traumatic experience.

The 24 year old woman alleged that the Perpetrators physically assaulted her and stole 3.8million Leones(380$). She further stated that  she was abandoned at the roadside in tears as she bled uncontrollably.

The alleged victim further narrated her ordeals that this is not the first time she was traveling late when going to the provinces to do business. She explained that while in Masiaka, the driver who took her from Waterloo had a break down with his vehicle.  She was advised by her initial driver to embark on another vehicle with a six-wheel truck- where she met four men and a lady who was also a passenger.

Unfortunately for her, the other female passenger disembarked at Foredugu, a town on the way to Makeni while she continues her Journey. She stated

The four men , who happened to be the alleged Perpetrators remained in the vehicle because they were the vehicle’s operators. On their way, the driver expressed romantic interest towards her and further requested sex with her.

The assistant driver further motivated the driver that he is playing with her that’s why she was delaying to have sex with him. At that point, the woman said, the driver stopped the vehicle and pretended as if something was wrong.

“I got out of the vehicle and went to a nearby bush when I saw the four of them coming towards me. I was scared , and shouted for help, but no one was around..

The alleged victim further pointed out that she was asked to hand over her money to them, as one of them slapped her and forcefully carted the money from her.

She claimed the Perpetrators beat her mercilessly and the driver forcefully took the said money away from her. She stated that the other men placed their fingers inside her “private part'” which   traumatized her. She revealed that she was in pain and that led to her bleeding profusely..

She further revealed that she was laid on the roadside, crying for help,. Fortunately for her, a motorcyclist later arrived and alerted the police of her desperate situation.

After recovery in the hospital, the alleged victim was later called upon to identify the men who physically assaulted, raped, and also stole her money. She stated that she only saw the driver and his assistance, and pointed them to the police. The alleged Perpetrators were arrested and taken to the Police station in Makeni Town.

A female nurse, not authorized to officially speak on behalf of the hospital, said the victim was seriously damaged and at her time of admission, blood was seen coming out of the victim’s private part.