Former President of the Sierra Leone Bar Association, Basita Michael has commended the Sierra Leone Judiciary’s decision to throw out Paul Kamara and Rev. Coleson Turay’s Supreme Court application against Samura Kamara, the APC Party and the ECSL.

“It is commendable to see the Judiciary asserting itself as the upholder of the rule of law by deeming the application to have been struck out for non-compliance with the Supreme Court rules,” Michael said.

She furthered by questioning the intention of politicians who use the court. She highlighted the matter as an example of which “desperate politicians can do to exploit and abuse the litigation process for their own selfish interest”.

“Perhaps after this, politicians and their lawyers will do their homework properly before they decide to meddle with the democratic process,” she stated.

In early May, locals were taken aback when former Sports Minister together with Ambassador Turay filed an application against his party, their presidential candidate and the country’s electoral commission.

The matter received wide condemnation because some locals considered it to slow the electioneering process.