Tears in Freetown as Military Man Shoots 25-Yr-Old to Death

A shooting in the Krootown Road area of Freetown Sunday has left one man dead, according to reports posted in WhatsApp groups.

“A man residing at Victoria Street has been shot. Eye witnesses allege that he was shot by a military personnel at 2am today. His body has been put on a mat and carried in town by a crowd consisting over two hundred angry youths. Colleague journalists please follow the story. –Williette James.

The report below was posted by I.S. Koroma, secretary general of Sierra Leone’s Bar Association

Just from Victoria Street off Krootown Road where the alleged murder took place.

The deceased Alimamy Kamara aged around 25 is said to be a man who is not mentally stable, but lived in a house [as] caretaker for relatives who live abroad.

One military man nicknamed Marcos Valentino accompanied the OSD man [Kolo], who allegedly shot and killed Alimamy at around 02:00 this morning.

This incident it was alleged, followed a series of threats and reckless behaviour by Kolo who brandished his gun and threatened to “kill somebody.”  He frequented Victoria Street and appears to be a familiar person to local residents some of whom are of the view that he himself behaves like someone with mental dysfunction.

It was reported that Kolo and the other arrived at Alimamy’s residence and knocked on the door. He asked for a cup of water and Alimamy opened the door. Alimamy was already in bed with other friends.

Friends said, as the door was open, Kolo became violent, threatening to kill and operated his gun. The friends ran for their lives.

As Kolo was shouting “r dea kill u” they said Valetino shouted “nor shoot.”

The trigger went off and the neighborhood was gripped by fear.

He shot him twice; one [in] the abdomen and one [in] the upper leg.

Interestingly, this incident was at the back of Adelaide street police station. Alimamy’s friends told me that they were expecting the police to immediately respond but they never did until about 08:00.

I am informed that both of them have handed themselves to the authorities but the youth of the area are embittered and aggrieved by the incident. They are also now threatening to take the law into their own hands if

1). The body of the deceased is not handed to them for immediate burial, and

2). If the authorities do not in their own words “take this thing seriously.”

ASP Sesay of Adelaide street police station was not at the station for an interview but relatives of Alimamy including the mother are in shock. The body is at the mortuary.


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