16 Tribal Heads in Freetown have raised concerns with regards lack of attention attributed to them for enlistment recommendation into the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces lately.

The traditional leaders raised this concern in a visiting to the 3 Infantry Brigade in Murray Town Barracks.

Recommendations from Tribal Heads used to be considered in previous years when recruitment slots open but has waned in recent years.

The Brigade Commander in his response promised to discuss the issue with the senior management in the coming weeks.

The Brigade Commander appreciated the visit albeit being impromptu.

He encouraged the chiefs to work with the military in order to ensure that there is continued peace in their various communities.

The Commander also informed the chiefs that one of the major issues affecting the city is that of land grabbing and that they believe some military men are also involved in it. He said such issues could be solved by the military in collaboration with the chiefs instead of involving the police.

The Commander also encouraged the chiefs to give early warnings whenever the suspect threat in their respective communities.

Chief Gbekie, Chairman Council of Tribal Heads applauded the Commander for the meeting while noting that the meeting is the first to be between Tribal Heads and the Military.