The Minister of Energy Minister, Alhaji Kanja Sesay, has on the 31st May, 2023 delivered a Thermal Plants to the people of Kailahun district.

Speaking at the ceremony marking the official presentation of thermal plants to the people of Kailahun in fulfilment of the generation component of the Kailahun Township Electrification Project, the minister reiterated president bio’s commitment in making sure that all the promises are fulfilled to the people of Kailahun in making sure that, their problem of electricity is solved as planned.

The Paramount Chief of Luawa Chiefdom,PC Kailondo Banya, in his welcome address to the minister and his entourage described Kailahun district as a shining example of the genuine realization of SLPP development aspirations and a mainstay of the ruling party’s support base, adding that, the provision of electricity in addition to the construction of the Pedembu-Kailahun and Kailahun-Koindu roads has been a developmental game-changer in the district, citing the social and economic boom that has been triggered by the conspicuous and ubiquitous presence of mini grids in the district.

The minister while presenting the machines with a combined capacity of 2MW said the township of Kailahun would benefit from what he called a hybrid energy project, noting that solar energy would be provided to complement the thermal plants with particular reference to the provision of electricity during the day.

He commended the contractors for doing a magnificent job, adding that the Kailahun Township Electrification Project would right the electricity wrongs that Kailahun has had to endure for far too long.

Speaking about more developmental strives by President Bio  in the district, he made mentioned of some good things they hav done for the people of Kailahun, ranging from 500 meters they had provided for installation at critical facilities like schools, hospitals, administrative centers and homes of stakeholders. He called on the people to make good use of the facility and to renew their collective commitment to overwhelmingly voting for President Bio.

Hon. Sartie Banya, Former Honourable Member of Parliament for Constituency 004, thanked President Bio and the Minister of Energy for undertaking a project as ambitious as the seven districts electrification project. He appealed to the Minister for an extension of the facility to emerging communities in the township as was reported by the communications specialist of the Ministry Of Energy, Alusine Luseni.