The Deputy Minister of Information And Civic Education, Yusuf Keketoma Sandi has opened the technical conference on media governance, media management, media digitalization and ethics.

The opening was done on Thursday, September 14.

The training was organized by the Independent Media Commission (IMC) to train journalists across the country.

He maintained that, no amount of abuse would prevent him from discharging his duties with candour, humility, honesty and fearlessness.

Speaking on media ethics, he said that the media played a vital role in our democracy and urged journalists to sharp their ethics in order to up their professional practice.

It is my strongest conviction that sometimes the platform created by the media for free speech can be hijacked by unethical, indecent and vulgar people thereby undermining the credibility of media platforms.

“Nobody in public service deserves to be subjected to vulgarity. Whether that was done with a political motive or otherwise, it showed that sometimes safeguarding the ethical standard on media platforms goes outside the control of journalists,” the Deputy Minister stated.

He also reaffirmed Government’s commitment to work with IMC, SLAJ and other stakeholders to review and strengthen the existing governance and management requirements for media institutions.