St Ministry Sierra leone, Christian Organization, in collaboration with Gain has donated a brand new wheelchair to a 12-year-old disabled girl, Condeh Sesay, at Moa Barracks in Kailahun.

The donation took place at her residence in Moa Barracks on 23 February 2023, following a distribution of children’s gifts program last week. Many children from various schools and churches in Kailahun District benefitted from it.

A photo and personal details of Condeh Sesay, who has been struggling to move within her community due to her disability were sent to the organization which acted swiftly and came to the aid of the 12-year-old.

Sesay was so happy and thankful for the gift. She expressed joy and appreciation to the St Ministry Sierra Leone organization and to those that facilitated the donation to happen.

Her father, Kaifala also thanked the donors for such a kind gesture, noting how grateful he is as he’s been struggling a lot to buy his daughter a wheelchair but couldn’t afford it because he is a poor military man.

Kaifala lost his wife two years ago, and thereafter became a single parent taking care of Condeh, her two sisters, and brothers.