A woman, Tenneh Brima has made her first appearance at the Freetown High Court No.1 before Justice John Bosco Alieu on a one-count charge for the murder of a two-year-old child.

According to the case file, the accused is standing trial for the murder of her two-year-old daughter to which she pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutor A. Kargbo Esq stated that the accused is the mother of the victim stating that the burden and standard of proof against the accused person rest on the prosecution and as such four elements must be proven that the accused is guilty of the offense.

These elements presented before a 12-man jury trial states the accused must be of sound memory and discretion; that the accused did an act of omission which caused the death of the deceased; that what the accused did was done with malice a forethought; that death occurred within a year and a day after the Act or Omission of the accused.

The accused in her statement said she had dreamt of an old woman drowning her child in a river which the prosecution described as a clear manifestation of pre-attempted murde.

The prosecution alleged that on the 30th October 2020 at Hospital Quarters Mambo Village, Freetown in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Sia Sitta Kamara, a two years old girl was discovered dead and water was seen oozing from her mouth and nostrils.

First Prosecution Witness (PW1) Joseph Sombo identified the accused person that the accused is her niece and they lived together with the victim at Mambo.

According to a witness, Joseph Sombo, a Medical Nurse attached at the Charlot Community Head Post (CHP), he recalled that on the morning of 30th October 2020, the accused took her daughter (now deceased), but heard about her death an hour later.

He continue that during the examination of the corpse when the victim’s body was turned upside down, water was oozing out from her mouth, nostrils, and ears.

According to the accused, her daughter slip when she was trying to bathe her.

The lawyer representing the accused C. Tucker Esq from the Legal Aid board made an application withdrawing her representation and C. Campbell Esq represented the accused person.

The matter has been adjoined for further hearing.