Motor Vehicle Dealers Union Warns Against Fraudsters Posing as Dealers to Con People Out of Cash

The Motor Vehicle Dealers Union Sierra Leone has in a Press release issued out yesterday,  warned Sierra Leoneans against Social media fraudsters who have been posing as car dealers to con people out of a lot of money.

The release states that these fraudsters are taking snapshot of their vehicles displayed at their various garages for sale and use them as bait to lure their victims.

It continued that they usually send these vehicles with fake documents to defraud the gullible customers.

In that light, the Motor Vehicle Dealers Union Sierra Leone advised the general public to avoid buying used vehicles online.

It stressed that even if the vehicle is seen online, people should please go to the garage, pay the required fee and obtain a receipt together with the original documents of the vehicle.

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“Don’t be in rush! Verify the Chassis number of the vehicle you are paying for and facilitate transfers.” It concludes.


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