A neglected and overlooked bridge linking Kholifa Mabang chiefdom in the Northern District of Tonkolili to major towns across the country is making life worse for residents living in the poor chiefdom.

This bridge has deterred our progress as a community in so many ways and life is difficult,” residents accounted.

Residents of Magbokie village, the location of the bridge, in an interview with this reporter on Sunday 5th November 2023, said life has been difficult because of the dilapidated status of the bridge, and blamed politicians who they say have made a plethora of unfulfilled promises.

The community has always given an account of the poor status of the bridge to politicians when they go to campaign during elections but residents say the situation seems to be neglected and ignored by past and current government.

Pa Alimamy Fornah, Magbokie village town chief expressed dissatisfaction on behalf of the community because he said their plight of never getting a better bridge seems looming.

The town Chief said past and present political figures have made promises to change the bridge but it’s like they’re almost fed up with the unfulfilled promises.

Majority of Kholifa Mabang Chiefdom residents depend on subsistence agriculture to make ends meet, and can not afford to construct a bridge such as the Magbokie Bridge which needs a huge amount of money.

It’s the responsibility of the government to do it,” the Chief said.

Adama Kargbo, a resident said the price of commodities and transportation especially in the rainy season risen because of the bridge’s poor situation.

The hike in the prices, Kargbo said is because commercial bike riders went through hell in crossing the Magbokie bridge to move goods from Mile 91 town to the various communities.

One of the most appalling situations according to the woman is the persistent occurrence of accidents that have claimed the lives of members of the community, especially commercial bike riders.

It would have been necessary for authorities to look into the Magbokie Bridge since it links the entire chiefdom to Mile 91 and other major towns across the country,” the town Chief of Magbokie said.

Sadly, residents say politicians who go to the community to campaign will always use the bridge to galvanize votes and support but they will leave the bridge unattended after occupying their political positions or offices.

During the rainy season when the bridge’s situation always worsens the Chief said youths from various communities and villages will come together to locally and temporarily construct the bridge but it won’t always last long.

Even the materials used to do the work, Chief Pa Alimamy Fornah said come from money contributed by community members and some individuals and philanthropists.

The community said it is calling on the government to look into the bridge situation to end the suffering of the people from those poor communities.