A Social Media Friend who seems to know the victim, Hi Man Bakarr has explain to the general public how and why a nude video of an intelligent year two student of the Njala University came out to the public.

According to him, the victim, identified as Ann Kargbo told him that she had shared that particular video to her fiancé who stays at the United States of America. Unknowing to her, her rival who also stays in the USA with a son for her fiancé, got a hold of the video.

He continued that, the victim´s rival then contacted her and threatened to share her pics and nude videos on social media if she does not leave the father of her child. Hi Man Bakarr said that this rival is not even married to the victim´s fiancé but has a son for him out of wedlock.

He continued that few hours after the victim received the threat from the rival, the nude videos of her popped up on social media and different people began to circulate it.

He said that the victim has been mentally drained due to the shock she got from seeing her leaked nude videos circulating on Social Media Platforms.

“To The Lady Who Shared Her Nude Pics & Videos are you Satisfied now that you have Seen your fellow woman going through Trauma Depression and Stigmatization Like This? Asked Hi Man Bakarr.

He said that the Fiancé and the victim Should also be blamed for this whole Saga and that this Should serve as a lesson to everybody!

He ended with an advice that Sierra Leoneans should try to console the victim as she is one of us, rather than mocking or saying negative things about her which will push her to do something bad to herself.

Watch the video below: