Women continues to suffer victimization and unfair treatment in public spaces regardless the 30% quoter offered them by the Government of Sierra Leone for standing up for what society accepted.

A recent case in point is the newly transferred Support Officer (Woman) Superintendent Aminata Dabor to Kambia District who recently faced what many believed to be unfair treatment for performing her lawful police duty.

Following the arrest of drugs (Cocaine, Kush and Tramadol) in two vehicles by Guinean security men after passing through 9 security checkpoints in Sierra Leone about a week ago, the Support Officer allegedly received an order from the Regional Police Commander, AIG Tower to investigate all security men on duty on the day in question at the various checkpoints on the Sierra Leone territory and mandated to change all found culpable of neglect on police duty.

Superintendent Dabor (A Woman) sources say, did as mandate and identified a number of police men that were on duty on the day Guineans arrested vehicles discovered with narcotics (Cocaine, Kush and Tramadol) after thorough security search and decided to request their transfer from their current deployment (checkpoints) to elsewhere within the same division.

According to investigations, she presented the list of police men she recommended to be shifted after her findings to the Local Unit Commander, Chief Superintendent Abu Bakarr Magona for action.

Immediately she tendered the list to her boss (LUC Magona) sources say, the news of her action leaked to the police men she recommended their transfers and these men allegedly teamed up, contributed huge sum of cash to the tune of NLe15,000 and handed it over to the LUC to help them over turn the seemingly lawful decision taken by the Support Officer allegedly on the mandated of the Assistant Inspector General Northwest Region, AIG Tower.

It could appear like the Support Officer served as scapegoat to cover the blunders of the Local Unit Commander who apparently wanted to remain in Kambia and apparently wanted his alleged drug trafficking deal to continue and his existing syndicate at the checkpoints particularly Madamaya and Gbalamuya to remain intact.

Since the list was tendered to the LUC Kambia Police Division for his endorsement by his Support Officer, Superintendent Aminata Dabor, it was alleged that no attention was given to the document neither did the LUC appended his signature as endorsement to the good work of his 2nd in Command in the Division. Suddenly, few days later, the Support Officer received a transfer letter to Moyamba where is now serving as Support Officer.

It is crystal clear that the woman Support Officer was apparently shifted because of her attempt to make the Kambia Police Division fit for purpose.

The unfairly transferred senior police officer is one of the few women in the Sierra Leone Police that have attained the rank of a Support Officer and the first ever senior female police officer that has in the history of Kambia served in the position of Support Officer in the Kambia Police Division. The woman faced victimization and eventually unfairly shifted to Moyamba after less than two months of her transfer to Kambia District.

The female senior police officer served as support to a man who has spent over 5 years in Kambia district as Local Unit Commander with apparently a record in naked police corruption, sexual abuse of girls and notorious for aiding and abating drug trafficking in the district.

His continuous stay of LUC Abu Bakarr Magona and team of permanently deployed checkpoint police men in Kambia district many believed is an indication of his notorious support to aide and abate drug trafficking operations along the borders between Sierra Leone and Guinea day and night.

The attempt by the victimized Support Officer to overhauling checkpoint deployments of police officers in Kambia district many believed could have been a right step in the right direction if Sierra Leone could continue to be secured against external aggression and drug abuse.

All efforts to verify allegations meted of the Local Unit Commander, Chief Superintendent Abu Bakarr Magona fell in deaf hears.

Could the action by the transferred Support Officer (A Woman) Superintendent Aminata Dabor appeared as major disturbance to the drug trafficking syndicate and corrupt border security stakeholders in Kambia district? A question

However, below is an attached copy of a response in picture form sent on a Social Media platform on behalf of LUC Magona by the Media Officer Kambia Police Division, Claudius Gray in respect of allegations against to LUC and the Kambia Police Division. Also, kindly find copy of the IGP, LUC Kambia Police Division, the transferred Support Officer and the arrested Vehicle caught with narcotics by Guinean security men