Ibrahim Kanu, a commercial bike rider and resident of Magbokie village in Khalifa Mabang chiefdom, Northern Sierra Leone, was reportedly shot dead last night by an unknown man.

The alleged murderer of the rider has reportedly disappeared to an unknown destination with the motorbike of the deceased. He left the Okada rider in a pool of blood by the roadside.

Kanu’s killer, eyewitnesses said, hired him on the night of Wednesday, October 4th, 2023 around Mile 88 village, three miles off Mile 91, to be taken to a village called Masethleh, along the Freetown – Bo highway, and unfortunately, the man who is on the run shot deceased on the neck.

Mohamed Thoronka, a family member of the slain okada rider said, Kanu was killed in a brutal cold-blooded manner.

The matter, he said, has been reported to the Mile 91 Police Station. The Police, he said, have picked up the dead body of their brother and they are making ways to locate the killer.

The man, he said,  who killed their brother and carted away his motorbike.

Meanwhile, the Mile Police 91 Division has not made an official statement on the alleged killing but it has confirmed the incident is under investigation.

The dead body of the Okada rider is to be taken to the Government hospital in Magburaka for examination.

Though it has not issued an official statement, the Mile 91 Bike Riders Union has condemned the act in most of the social media platforms.

Since the alleged incident took place last night, there has been an atmosphere of shock among residents especially Okada riders in the community.

Though incidences of this nature have occurred several times, the brutal manner Kanu was killed left many surprised.

And what left many here baffling is the gun used to kill the Okada rider. The question asked by people now is where does the killer get the gun he used to kill Kanu?